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Medicine Show in
by John Gruen

cast of Dancing Fools

Three rambunctious comedies about relationships, sex, love, infidelities, the Almighty, and the joys of dancing.

starring (l to r above):
Oliver Conant*
Jason Alan Griffin*
Mark J. Dempsey
Stellios Manolakakis
Cassandra Weston
Barbara Vann
Vincent D'Alessio
Alfred Gingold*
John Zurek
Madeline Jaye*

also (not pictured):
Klemente Espada
Simon Halper
Karyn Shipley*
Catherine Weingarten
Stephanie Zimmerman
*Member AEA

directors: Oliver Conant, Stellios Manolakakis, Barbara Vann
choreographers: Theresa Duhon, Yehuda Hyman, Madeline Jaye
décor by Knox Martin, costumes by Uta Bekaia

Thursdays – Saturdays at 8 pm, Sundays at 3 pm, January 7 – 30
549 West 52nd Street, New York, NY 10019

$18, $14 Seniors, TDF accepted, Group rates available
Information and reservations: 212 262-4216
or charge tickets at SmartTix.com or 212 868-4444


- a short film-noir starring Jason Alan Griffin

Written and Directed by Dikayl Rimmasch

"Ringers" shows the nightmarish trip of a man whose little plan didn't turn out like he expected. Dikayl has created a world in which one is never sure what's real or what anyone is really up to; a world somewhere near the corner of David Lynch and Alfred Hitchcock.

Jason says, "When I first read this script at the audition, it read like an episode of The Twilight Zone. I loved that show growing up. I immediately knew I had to do this movie."

Dikayl has said that his choice in casting JAG, was mainly for his tendency to seem completely non-confrontational. He said that it was hard finding a New York actor who didn't read as 'tough' during those intense scenes.

Black & White

Total running time: 16:24


RINGERS from Dikayl Rimmasch on Vimeo.

The original title of this film was The Case. Here is one of the first promo cards made:

The Case Promo Card

Playwright John Gruen said, "Just saw "Ringers" -- totally terrifying. Your performance is superb. You have a true screen presence and, with practically no dialogue to speak of (so to speak), you make every moment a riveting and dangerous experience. Bravo! The direction, photography and editing are equally first-rate. It should win everyone several awards."



Jason was last seen in...

TOSOS Robert Chesley/Jane Chambers Playwright Project
Doric Wilson - Mark Finley - Barry Childs
Kathleen Warnock, director


Joe Godfrey's "Winter Cruise"
A staged reading directed by Mark Finley

cast of Winter Cruise

(left to right)
Hunter Gilmore
Brett Douglas
Steven Hauck
Nick Mathews
Jason Alan Griffin
Joe Godfrey (down center)

The Present. Just after Christmans.
Adjoining staterooms on the cruise ship QUEEN OF THE SEA.

"Andrew and Kevin, long time partners, have recently split acrimoniously. Feeling the need for a vacation, they've each booked themselves, with new younger companions, on a 'gay cruise.' Unbeknownst to either one, they find themselves on the same sold-out ship...in adjoining cabins. Rough seas ahead? The forecast looks stormy."

After the reading, join the TOSOS family and their friends for a no-host get-together at Zuni (598 9th Ave at 43rd Street)

The TOSOS Robert Chesley / Jane Chambers Playwright Project is a forum for playwrights to have their work read to an invited audience. No staging. No Q and A. Just an opportunity for playwrights to be heard. It welcomes new voices even as it offers a chance to look at plays from the past in an attempt to keep our heritage alive. It is named to honor Jane Chambers (1937-83) and Robert Chesley (1943-90) arguably two of the most original and impassioned voices to contribute to the GLBT theatrical culture.



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