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Angelo Musco has announced a new showing of one of the pieces of work he's done with Jason.

Here is an example of some older work Jason did with Angelo.


This shoot was all based on an ant colony and he had all of the human bodies crawling through imaginary tunnels. In this shot we are all climbing up through a hole leading to the outside world. Jason is on the left.

In another project, Angelo had each model posing separately on an air mattress covered with a black cloth against a black background. The models were to make body positions as if swimming. Angelo put all of the photos together into a collage and it was shown in Venice, Italy at the 53rd Biennale celebration; shown below:

hadal in venice

"It turns out we were a school of mackerel. Or was it tuna? "

Here is a detail showing Jason as a featured fish.Jason as a fish

But the showing in Chicago is a different project altogether. Although it, too deals with the concept of water. This time, the water is real.

Jason underwater

You can read more about the creation of this work by going to JAG: THE BLOG

At the showing, (Saturday November 14th, 2009 in Chicago at Carrie Secrist Gallery) he blew up the photos to life size and placed them all around the gallery walls, floors and ceiling; Giving the viewers the feeling that they are underwater and surrounded by all of our floating bodies beckoning them to join us in the water .

Jason Underwater 2





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