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Jason is passionate about teaching and learning. He grew up playing sports like tennis, swimming, wrestling and soccer and activities like SCUBA diving, boogie boarding and skateboarding.

Jason dancing An ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor since 1994, he’s been studying Yoga since 1995 and teaching Nia since 1996. He created JAG Energy Flow in 2009. His knowledge of the body and how it functions, how it responds to exercise and how it heals itself come from curiosity, research and experimentation. During his many years of experience in the fitness field, he's been inspired to help people avoid injuring themselves thanks to all the time he's spent recovering from injuries as a wrestler and a dancer. Jason spent many years in Seattle, studying and practicing as a massage therapist. His creativity and enthusiasm for “play” comes from his career as a professional dancer and actor. Jason believes that the endeavor of achieving fitness can be and should be fun; and that adults can find a great deal of health benefits by recapturing what they had as children. Jason is constantly learning, questioning and exploring. You can train with Jason for years and you will still learn something every time.

As well as seeing private clients, Jason offers a wide variety of classes designed to address every aspect of your fitness. He also teaches monthly specialized workshops on different aspects of fitness, and travels quarterly to offer JAG Fitness to the world outside of New York. Contact Jason for a $20 twenty-minute JAGfit Discovery Consultation to find out if JAGfit Personal Training can help you. Drop by one of his Nia classes to get 'the feeling.'




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