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At Last, a Workout For
People Who Like Pleasure

Imagine an exercise program that works out your entire body better than most aerobic activities… and feels good, too! I’m not talking about simply not hurting, but actually FEELING GOOD. Getting your body fit and healthy doesn’t have to be torture. Have you ever wanted an exercise program that gets results AND that you actually look forward to doing because YOU LIKE THE WAY IT FEELS?

Nia is the answer.


It is an approach to exercise that comes from studying the way our bodies are put together and then moving based on that information. That, combined with the natural healing qualities of dance, fun and pleasure, result in something that not only taps into your most powerful self, but strengthens your muscles, bones and cardio vascular system, stretches your muscles, burns fat and calories, heals aches and pains, relieves tension, and develops co-ordination, gracefulness and balance. It feels wonderful to move the core of your body to develop strong abs and lower back.

Many people say that, even after doing Nia only once, it feels like they've finally discovered the way they were intended to move. Because it's true. Nia is the way our bodies were intended to be used and moved. It feels completely natural and is easy to follow because it is based on 52 simple movements set creatively to music. Don’t get me wrong, it can be an intense workout and will change your body, if you allow it to. But the belief that exercise needs to be painful doesn’t apply to Nia. Instead we use the dance-like movements to heal our bodies and bring them comfortably into an improved state of all-around fitness and wellness. Nia delivers amazing, personal results and will leave you feeling centered, grounded and powerful.

My students have said:
-You’ll float out of Jason’s class feeling refreshed and invigorated.
-You get a fantastic, dynamic, well-rounded, full body workout before you even realize you’re exercising.
-I’m amazed at the freedom and ease I feel while doing Nia. You make me feel like a dancer.
-It doesn’t even feel like I’m working out because it’s so effortless and fun.
-Once you try Nia you may never go back to those workouts that focus on “beating you up.”
-I feel renewed by my workout.
-I love moving my body in a sensual, evocative way.
-Nia is the new way of getting fit and healthy that I’ve been looking for.
-I experience the full potential of my body in motion.

Absolutely no prior experience is needed. Just be prepared to move freely and easily. Nia blends movements and concepts from martial arts like Tai Kwan Do, Aikido, and Tai Chi, and from healing arts like Yoga, Alexander Technique and the teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais, and takes inspiration from Jazz, Isadora Duncan, and Martha Graham. By its nature, Nia allows each person to have a special, unique experience. I hope you’re intrigued by what you’ve been reading. I encourage you to give it a try and feel it for yourself. When you do, I’m sure you’ll know why I call it the perfect workout.

Take action and start enjoying your body the Nia way--Your Body’s Way!

Contact Jason to discuss further, or just show up to one of the classes shown on the schedule. It's a good idea to call or email Jason first just to make sure class will be happening. The schedule is subject to change.





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