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You can think of Yoga Tune Up® as a tune-up for your body and a tune-up for your yoga practice. It uses the classic yoga asanas as guideposts for exploring your body’s weaknesses and strengthening them and discovering its restrictions and freeing them.
A body is considered ‘tuned-up’ when it moves easily and freely through space without pain or restriction. It is very strong because the muscles are well developed and well integrated A tuned-up body moves with an elegant, natural intelligence.
Your yoga practice is ‘tuned-up’ when you are able to completely focus on the correctness of your pose. In a Yoga Tune Up® class, Jason demonstrates the proper placement of each bone and joint, using yoga-based, therapeutic preparatory exercises and variations of the classic asanas. These exercises prepare your body for going precisely, gently and deeply into the poses. Once the yoga poses are completely understood intellectually, and the body is prepared for them physically, they can be performed with full attention.
A body that has been tuned-up will go into the yoga poses easily and comfortably.

A Yoga Tune Up® class benefits everyone. People who are brand new to yoga become instant yogis and experienced yogis are able to improve their practice.

I have put together a well-rounded 8-Class series that covers 16 of the most essential yoga poses.

Class #1 is focused on core integration and uses TADASANA (poised), PARIGHASANA (gate) and NAVASANA (boat)

Class #2 is focused on the hips and uses VRKSASANA (tree) and TRIKONASANA (triangle)

Class #3 is shoulder focused and uses ADHO MUKHA SVANASANA (downward facing dog)

Class #4 is spine focused and uses ARDHA MATSYENDRASANA (half spinal twist) and PARIVRITTA TRIKONASANA (twisted triangle)

Class #5 is focused on feet and hips and uses APANASANA (wind relieving) and SUPTA PADANGUSTHASANA (lying down hand holding big toe leg stretch)

Class #6 is focused on the shoulder and the spine and uses PASASANA (noose)

Class #7 is focused on backbends and uses BHUJANGASANA (cobra) DHANURASANA (bow) and USTRASANA (camel)

Class #8 is focused on hips and uses GOMUKASANA (cow’s face) and GARUDASANA (eagle)

Although each class has a focus, it is still always addresses the whole body. All classes end with a relaxing SAVASANA (corpse) pose and guided relaxation.

New classes are constantly being added to this list. I just recently created a class focused on the CROW pose and another that is focused on the HALF MOON POSE.

Students have said:

“ I never knew my body could feel so different after just one hour”

“I’ve been doing that pose (downward facing dog) for years and no-one has explained it so thoroughly before”

“This class is like physical therapy. My shoulders have totally opened up”

“That’s the best twisted triangle I’ve ever done”

Yoga Tune Up® is a beautiful combination of yoga and body sculpting. Its intention is to create perfectly balanced bodies by preparing them to go into the classic yoga asanas. Yoga Tune Up students are educated about what each body part is expected to do in each pose and are encouraged to develop and increase their own 'proprioception' (the sense of where their body parts are in space and how they are aligning). Yoga Tune Up® is not yoga per se, but it uses a yogic lens to examine our body and to structurally align it in a very precise and aggressive way. It's like yoga meets physical therapy and connective tissue massage meets body sculpting. By focusing on the intricacies of the perfect yoga poses, you are exposed to and forced to address your body's imbalances, weaknesses, areas of neglect, etc. The end result is a body with ideal alignment, full, natural, joint mobility and strength in ALL the muscles, in proper proportion.

Jason also offers private Yoga Tune Up® lessons for a much more personalized approach. This is the ideal way to go for someone who has specific needs to address like sciatic pain or wants to really work on perfecting a certain asana. These private lessons are generally done in a three-month series of weekly classes, or a six week series of bi-weekly classes. The exact order of the lessons will vary according to the needs and abilities of the individual student.

Contact Jason to get started with your private Yoga Tune Up® lessons.

No prior yoga experience is required. This technique has something to offer the novice as well as the veteran yogi. It will deepen your yoga practice or introduce you to yoga in a very systematic and logical way.

Come try out a Yoga Tune Up® class and feel your body change from the inside out.

Jason says:

"I had been practicing and teaching yoga for ten years when I had the pleasure of meeting Jill Miller, who is the creator of Yoga Tune Up®. Jill's work inspired a whole exciting, new life into my yoga practice and into my body. The result was a toning that was so profound that even after being into fitness, exercise and yoga most of my life, I found my body changing for the better immediately after beginning to practice Yoga Tune Up®.

"It makes me feel stronger. I feel taller after doing it. My shoulders seem to move more easily. I see cuts in my body that I've never seen before. The ab work is phenomenal...I could go on.

"Suffice it to say that I'm very excited to be offering Yoga Tune Up and helping students improve not only their yoga practice, but their bodies as well."

"Namaste. (I humbly bow to you)"

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