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Fitness is the ability to perform daily activities with ease and still have plenty of energy leftover to enjoy fun activities as well. Your body and your health are physical manifestations of your daily habits. We all have the body we deserve, because our bodies perfectly adapt to whatever we do with them day after day. It’s never too late to make dramatic changes in your body. If you change your habits your body will change. Always approach this work with love, respect and patience.

Here is what I'm working on this month:

Energy Flow, Strength & Stability, Metabolic Conditioning

This months workout is called the Master Circuit. It is a very advanced workout that I haven't mastered but am still working with. It incorporates interval training with balancing and hand standing. As with most of my workouts, it uses anaerobic conditioning and only body weight exercises. The video below is compiled from clips of the full workout video. I've also added a voice-over commentary to the full length video, describing what I'm doing, but you won't hear that in the teaser. This is just to give you an idea of the style of my videos and what kinds of things you can expect to see in this particular workout.

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