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Nia is described as a Body-Mind fitness program. So what does that mean? This playshop on Mental Energy in Nia will explain how we use our mind and our thoughts to involve ourselves fully in a Nia workout. We will also cover certain exersizes and practices that show up in NIa and how they work to strengthen aspects of our mind. 


This is a great playshop for beginners and those who've been doing Nia for many years, as we can always benefit from reminders to pay attention, direct and hold focus and guide ourselves through a perfectly personalized experience. Participants are encouraged to bring questions and issues about Mental Energy so JAG can discuss them and help each student fully incorporate Body and Mind in Nia. After the 90 minute lecture - demonstration - practice session, we will do a one hour Nia class with a focus on Mental Energy. 


Playshop starts at 9:00 am, class begins at 10:30 am

$20 -- (for all 2.5 hours)

Balance Studio; 418 N 35th St; Seattle WA